Ø  Feedstock and Variability  

a)         Challenges with feedstock management and availability

b)        Feedstock storage and variability

c)         Forest vs. Agriculture

d)        Purpose grown vs multipurpose plants

e)         Algal Biomass

Ø  Pretreatment

a)         Biomass conditioning

b)        Thermal-mechanical treatment

c)         Thermal-chemical treatment

d)        Biological treatment

Ø  Thermal-Chemical Processes

a)         Pyrolysis

b)        Gasification

c)         Catalytic synthesis

d)        Catalytic conversion

Ø  Chemical Conversion

a)         Hydrolysis

b)        Platform chemicals

c)         Aromatic and lignin conversion

d)        Cellulose conversion

Ø  Biochemical Process

a)         Fermentation

b)        Liquid Fuel

c)         Biodegradable plastics

d)        Bio Fuel Cell (BFC)

Ø  Renewable Materials

a)         Nanocrystal Cellulose

b)        Biocomposites

c)         Pulping

d)        Bleaching

e)         Value added products

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